Hare Krishna.

Just wanted to pen down a small experience I had with Gurumaharaj, back in 2008, in Madikeri, Karnataka, INDIA.

GM was staying in a hotel at Madikeri, getting ready for the first big ratha yatra what was being organized in that town. Many disciples and aspirants were around Gurudeva in his room, performing various sevas. There also happened to be some devotees getting prepared for initiation and were waiting outside the room to meet Gurudev and interact with him before the initiation ceremony.

I had recently done a small music project for a school and had earned some laxmis part-time and wanted to give that as an offering to Gurudeva completely. So I saved up the money and placed it carefully in a beautiful gift envelope, which had a 1 Rupee coin stuck on the outside of the envelope.

Just when I got the opportunity, I walked into Gurudeva's room and paid my obeisances and slowly crawled towards Gurudeva, as there were many devotees in the room at that time. Gurudeva noticed and asked me, "What is that?"... I then replied that I wanted to give him a Guru Dakshina offering as a token of my love and gratitude. I also mentioned that it was what I earned from a recent music recording project that I had done.

Gurumaharaj accepted the offering and looked at the one rupee coin and said, 'So you are giving me a 1 rupee offering?'... Such a sense of humor Gurumaharaj had that the entire room burst out laughing immediately. I was a bit shy and I said, "No Gurumaharaj, there is more inside the envelope".

A few moments passed, and all the laughter subsided. Gurumaharaj then immediately said, "Metal has more value than paper!"

This came out of nowhere, and really made a lot of sense to everybody, and the reason as to why people usually give donations along with a coin. I also realized how compassionate Gurudeva was to me, accepting whatever I had given.

It also made me realize that Gurumaharaj was actually making me feel better immediately, as everyone had laughed when Gurudev had asked me if I were giving him a one rupee coin, just previously. By mentioning that metal had more value than paper, he was actually accepting even that one rupee on the envelope as a part of the offering.

All I can say is that Gurumaharaj is just an ocean of mercy, and I'm sure just as this small incident has made a big difference in my life, there are many others out there who have received wonderful instructions and experiences with His Holiness. Eager to know the experiences of others... please share!

Gurumaharaj Ki Jaya! Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya!

In your service
Shabda Hari Das

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Comment by Sumadhura Gopal Das on April 3, 2010 at 1:52am
jai gurumaharaj!!!



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