Navadwip Mandala Parikrama Day 2 (9/3/11)

Last night we managed to put Guru Maharaja to sleep by 10pm, for sufficientrest. He woke up at 4.30am and as soon as he woke up, he revealed his parikrama plan for today. His schedule was to first meet the International and Bengali party at Suvarna Vihar. We planned to leave by 6.30am but we got delayed and left Iskcon Mayapur only at 7.25am.

We reached Suvarna Vihar at 8am and met the International party who were listening to the nectarine pastimes from different maharajas. Asthe last speaker Guru Maharaja shared the pastimes of Suvarna Vihar and mentioned that, "we need to have ghee like heart and as soon as we hear the name of Gauranga, it should melt instantly." Then everyone chantedGaurangaaaaaaaa!!!!".”He continued,"We should cry for Krsna and Gauranga!!!!.... Mahaprabhu's mercy is flowing freely in Navadvip Dham and one should take this mercy from here and distribute it to the other part of the world. Every step that one takes here, should chant the name of Nitai! Nitai! ” Crowd chanted Nitaaaaaai! Nitaaaaaai!!

At that time we heard a soft kirtan from far distance, Guru Maharaja said the Bengali party is approaching this place so it is time for the International party to leave.Guru Maharaja had His breakfast in that interval. As he was about to end his breakfast, thousands of Bengali devotees walked into the Suvarna Vihar Temple compound with flags in their hands and chanting loud kirtans. As they walked in, the dust from the ground clouded the whole atmosphere. The whole ground in front of Suvarna Vihar Temple was completely filled with devotees yet stream of devotees still flowing in. At every 10 minutes of the class a loud kirtan erupted and filled the whole atmosphere with thousands of devotees clapping their hands and repeatedly responding to Guru Maharaja’s chanting of Gaurangaaaaa !Gaurangaaaaaa! And matajis were doing their uludhwani. Uhhhh!! It was a sight to be seen. Uludhwani is the specialty of the Bengali party. After the class, the Bengali party departed to their next place meanwhile Guru Maharaja was wheeled into the temple hall for darshan.
Our next group to be visited was the Russian party who were in Pancaveni .At 10.15am we left to Pancaveni (Gauranga Bridge). This is the same place where we met our Hindi party yesterday. When we reached the Russian party, the matajis were honouring their prasadam and the prabhus were taking dip, enjoying the cool water of Pancaveni. Since this holy spot is located under the bridge and along the narrow bank of Ganges, there was not much space for all to sit and have their breakfast. So first the matajis were allowed to honour their breakfast. All their prasadam sitting rows were numbered accordingly to make the distribution of prasadam easier.

Meanwhile Guru Maharaja had his fruits and gave darshan to a group of Russian devotees. At 11.45am the class begun. His Holiness Bhakti Vaibhava Swami, His Holiness Navayogendra Swami, and several Srila Prabhupada disciples shared the pastimes of this holy spot. Guru Maharaja spoke about the pastimes of several other places in Madhyadwip which were visited by the party before reaching Pancaveni. He spoke on Hamsa vahana Shiva, Uccahatta, Sapta Rishi Tila (still remain invisible), Kuliya Pahada in Koladwip. Then Guru Maharaja requested Holiness Navayogendra Swami to continue the nectar and start departing to meet the next group. (Hamsa refers to Lord Siva who travelled with Lord Brahma’s swan carrier. Uccahatta is non different from Kuruksetra).

Our last group to be visited today was the Hindi parikrama who were on their way to Vidya Nagar. After entering into narrow dusty road which leads to Vidya Nagar, we saw stream of devotees from the Hindi parikrama partywalking towards the same destination passing through the beautiful mud huts,hay stacks, cows, calves and bamboo groves. The local villagers stood along the whole road, greeted us with big smile on their face and non stop Hari Bol!! Many fatigued looking elderly devotees and small children used rickshaws to travel through this rough road.

As we approached the courtyard of small temple of Lord Gaur Nitai,we saw His Holiness Lokanath Swami along with His Holiness Radha Raman Maharaja under a neem tree. Rest of the devotees settled in front them to hear the nectar.Guru Maharaja started the class first. He was mentioning that the moment one hears the name Vidya Nagar, Avidya (ignorance) will be destroyed. This is also the birth place of Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya. He also narrated the story of local villagers who rushed to see Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu when they came to know He is in town. After the class Guru Maharaja took the darshan of the presiding deities and departed to Iskcon Mayapur.

Your Servant,

Maha Varaha D

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