Navadwip Mandal Parikrama - Day 7 (14th March 2011) -The Caturveni Sangam

Navadwip Mandal Parikrama -  Day 7 (14th March 2011) -The Caturveni Sangam
Today is the last day of the Parikrama. All the four parikrama parties were  scheduled to meet each other at the junction near Yogapitha around 10am.The road from ISKCON Mayapur to Srivas Angan was filled with devotees and rickshaws. Many non parikrama devotees started going towards Yogapitha by walk,cycle and rickshaws to witness the climax of the parikrama.  When we passed by this junction (which is like 200 metres before Srivas Angan) ,  we noticed that many devotees were already standing on the  roof of houses, trees and boundary walls around the junction waiting to take video and photo of the confluence of all the parties. When Guru Maharaja joined the Hindi Group in Srivas Angan at 9am,His Holiness Bhakti Purusottama Swami was addressing the devotees. He was saying that the confluence of these four parikrama parties are like the confluence of four holy rivers (caturveni Sangam). Ten minutes later,  Guru Maharaja started addressing the devotees and while He was describing the significance of Srivas Angan for the Hindi Party, we were told that all the other three parties are around the corner.

After a short address, Guru Maharaj took darshan of the presiding deities at Srivas Angan and then we made our way to the main gate to get into His car to witness the confluence. When we reached the main gate we found GuruMaharaja's car was not there. Somehow Sudama Prabhu, who is Guru Maharaja's driver was not able to be traced. We then decided to join the hindi stream and wheeled Guru Maharaja down  all the way from Srivas Angan to the junction near Yoga Pitha. We had about 20 devotees  make a ring around Guru Maharaja by holding our hands and moved along with him by having him in the middle of the ring. As we were cruising along the hindi stream we noticed the confluence was already taking place about 100 metres infront of us. The wave of devotees became much stronger as we were approaching the confluence and our 20 men ring started to go out of shape, not able to withhold the strong current hitting us from all directions. Finally the 20 men ring was broken and from 20 men we became 4 men ring!
The blissful parikrama devotees who were dancing so joyfully were received with sandal wood paste applied on their forehead and marigold garlands.Upon meeting  they hugged each other and with their hands joined together, they danced by calling out 'Jaya Sacinandana! Jaya Sacinandana!' .It was completely ecstatic. Hundreds and hundreds of flags were seen dancing in the air according to the devotees' movements.  The devotees were already dancing in ecstasy of meeting each other and they became even more ecstatic after seeing Guru Maharaja in the middle of them with both His hands on the air and moving gracefully to the left and right. Nobody expected Him to be there in middle of the confluence!!  Though it was ecstatic, we were worried about Guru Maharaja. We quickly wheeled Him into Yogapitha for darshan while waiting for the devotees who confluenced at the junction to meet again at the nearby field for maha kirtan and breakfast prasadam. While Guru Maharaja was having his darshan at yoga pitha His Holiness Gopal Krsna Maharaj came towards Guru Maharaja and hugged him by chanting 'Jai Sacinandana! Hari Bol!!!!!!!'  After darshan we went to the field to meet all the devotees and there we spotted Guru Maharaja's car.

Guru Maharaja requested Him to be seated in the car and gave darshan to all the devotees. As soon as the devotees noticed that mercy is flowing out from the car in the form of prasadam,  devoteesstarted running  towards our car. Some devotees got the crowd to form a queue to receive the sweet prasadam.Gurumaharaj sat in the car for almost 2 hours and was distributing maha prasadam for 979 devotees! .Hmmm, you all must be wondering how come we know how many devotees received the prasadam, right? Yes!  we had one devotee just to do the counting! Actually Guru Maharaja told him to keep track of  the count of Hare Krsna mahamantras He is   chanting during the prasadam distribution. For each person, He was chanting one mantra.
 At 12.30 noon we left the field and joined His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Maharaj Vyasa Puja festival at Panca Tattva extension hall.After lunch and one hour rest, we took Guru Maharaja to His darshan room to do some exercise. Around 6.30pm His Holiness Bhakti Vikas maharaj made a sudden appearance in front of Guru Maharaja. Both Maharajas hugged and paid respect to each other. HH Bhakti Vikas Maharaj told Guru Maharaja that it has been almost two years since He last met Gurumahraj. Guru Maharaja welcomed him to Sridham Mayapur and in return HH Bhakti Vikas Maharaj  expressed his happiness to be here in mayapur. This evening Guru Maharaja was invited to His Holiness Bhakti Vallabha Tirtha Maharaj(BVTM)'s  50th Sanyas Anniversary in his Math. It was a very big program which was broadcasted live on national TV channels. Guru Maharaja  invited HH Bhakti Vikas Maharaj to accompany Him for the program if possible. HH Bhakti Vikas Maharaj  asked Guru Maharaja what time he would return. Guru Maharaja said He is planning to stay there for maximum one hour and would be back by 9pm. Bhakti Vikas Maharaj replied, "Yes sounds good, because I generally sleep by 9pm."
There were about 100  sanyasis from different Gaudiya Maths invited for this function. Guru Maharaja  and Bhakti Vikas Maharaj were made to sit on the main stage next to HH Bhakti Vallabha Tirtha Maharaj.Guru Maharaja was the only sanyasi who was requested to speak right after HH Bhakti Vallabha Tirtha Maharaj.
HH Bhakti Vallabha Tirtha Maharaj is about 87 years and he took sanyas at the age of 37. It was about
9.45pm when we left the program. While we were driving back to ISKCON Mayapur which is just 5 mins drive away, Bhakti Vikas Maharaj told Guru Maharaja , "In 9 years ,  you will be celebrating your 50th sanyas anniversay too. We should do it grandly".(Guru Maharaja  took sanyas  in 1970 at the age of 21.)
 After reaching ISKCON Campus Guru Maharaja asked forgiveness from HH Bhakti Vikas Maharaj for the late program.
Your Servant,
Maha Varaha D

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