My first opportunity to preach to my school friends through what's app..

Hare Krishna,

Dandavat Pranam. I got my opportunity to preach to my school class mates being part of what's app where almost (well almost) all of my class mates are members. I was delighted and so thought that I should share this here.

The background is the rememberance by a friend of a friend who passed away very young many years back and a trigger of exchanges. one of which was by another friend which was the trigger for my getting into the conversation.

Friend 1:
“There is always one thing to be thankful for every morning to see the beauty of being alive under God’s grace. Wish you a very Good morning”. This msg had a picture of a coffee cup with a heart in it.

I used this opportunity to convey the message of Prabhupada. Here are the conversation strings. (I have corrected a few spelling mistakes)

This anxiety to being alive! This can be solved if we know the nack to go back to godhead. One simply lives permanently. .

Agree, but it's also learning to be joyful in each moment. I don't think any of us are anxious about our own mortality. Still a long way to go for that, for senility and pondering over lifes big questions.

Friend 2:
Yes Vaidhya, It is difficult to be what you are saying for most of us would be my kick off argument

Agreed. The point is we have a desire as we can see from the posts. So we need to try to get there. Results will be there surely according to our effort. In the Bagavad Gita 2.40 Krishna says nehabhikarma naso Sti pratyovayo no vidyate, svalpam apy asya dharmasya trayate mahato bhayat. This means, in this endeavour there is no loss or diminution, and a little advancement on this path can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear. This fear referred to here is the fear of going down further. When we progress one step at a time, slowly but surely we will get there where there is no more fear of death. Always alive!

Friend 3::
Vaidy awesome (Hare Krishna. Om ajnana timiranandhasya jnananjana slakaya.. Mookam Karoti Vachalam…)

To complete the loop on Friend 1's point on joy every moment, my representation was more on why only for say 80 years or 100 years, why not permanently. That is possible slowly but surely.

Friend 3:
Permanently isn't in the domain of realization, for the mind and intellect die with the form.

All this has the base in the understanding of soul or consciousness is different from body. Mind and intellect are not tangible, as in, you cannot touch them, is still part of form and is bound to perish with body. So we should not just restrict ourself to body. We are consciousness. The Vedas begin with the words “Attoto bramha jignasa” meaning " Therefore try to realize god". Starting with " Therefore" indicates there should have been other discussions before coming to this point. Therefore humans are meant to start this enquiry beyond just the body. But as friend 1 and Friend 2 rightly pointed out, it is difficult in our current situation. And my point only was we can try to understand and there is no diminution or loss. No force.

Friend 3:
Vaidy, I understand your point. To realize the good in its is the ultimate. But before that we need to realize our potential as humans. We would not be bestowed with it without a reason

Yes as per sastras there are 84,00,000 species. The soul or consciousness has evolved through it to come to human form. Even in human form there are 400,000 species. However human form alone has the ability to think of this higher purpose. None of the balance species have or will have this ability. So to your question, the purpose of human form is to think on this and find an answer. Even if we make some progress we get another human form to progress on this inquiry. If we stop thinking, we are non different from an animal consciousness and perhaps get that form as the interest seems to be in eating, mating, defending, and sleeping which is preciously what a consciousness does in a animal form albeit in a human form we do with little more sophistication. This is evolution of consciousness per sastras unlike the Darvin’s theory of evolution which is based on body, taught in schools. There should be universities which studies consciousness also which will bring lot more respectability and students for this branch of science

Friend 3:
Vaidy, I understand your point. To realize the good in its is the ultimate.

The consciousness happens on a quest which happens on your readiness which depends on your vasanas. In the process of ridding of the vasanas we acquire more which is what leads to rebirth. Right? So how do I know what my vasanas are?
I know what is right but unable to indulge in it; I know what is wrong but unable to refrain from it. Duryodhana

By vasana I presume you mean the qualities brought in by us in the 3 modes of material nature in which each one of us are caught up in, in different mix, namely tamo guna (ignorance), rajo guna (passion) and satva guna (goodness). These predominantly force us to act in their ways and thus our acts - which are in ignorance, passion or goodness. All 3 bind us to results that we take responsibility for which is called Karma. As you sow so shall you reap… Idea is to stop this result giving activity. I.e if you take money from someone you have to give it back. So if you do it without identifying the result to you but to Krishna then that becomes transcendal activity. It is like a post man. He brings the message but not affected by the content. To get to control your wrong and right desire, simply pray to the lord to help you. He says “Sarva dharman parityajya, man ekam charanam Vraka, aham tham sarvapapebyo moksayisyami, may sucha. (18.66) meaning surrender to me and I shall deliver you. Do not fear. So simply pray to Krishna and he will enable things for us to get over our vices.

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