Dear All,

Please accept my humble obeisances.


We have become a part of ISKCON with a purpose, a goal. Of course main goal is to go back to Godhead by sincere practice of devotional service, especially chanting. BUT in spite of knowing how many people were protected just by chanting intentionally or unintentionally, we somehow, still take chanting not so seriously. One symptom that proves that we are not serious about chanting is,... nothing but our inattentiveness while chanting! Because anyone who is really convinced that HOLYNAME is the ONLY REMEDY  for everything and Nothing else, in the age of Kali, as Lord Chaintanya had stated,.. will reschedule their life and activities in such a way, that ATTENTIVE holy name chanting will become the MOST IMPORTANT THING in their life.


Srila Prabhupad always stressed the importance of chanting. We are taught that holy name is non different from the form of the Lord.  Holy name  is nothing but,.. Lord Krishna dancing on our tongue. One of the great Vaishnava saint, Purandara Dasa said  "Neenyako ninna hangyako, ninna naamada bala ondiddare sako" meaning,"O Lord Vittala, the strength of Your name is more than enough for me and I don't need Your favours and thereby put myself into an obligation towards you." Sri Purandara Dasa states the power of the holy name, by quoting few examples like Prahlad was protected by the holy name "Narahari", Draupadi was protected by the name "Krishna Krishna", when Yamadutas were pulling Ajamila, the name "Narayana" protected, when valmiki, before he became valmiki,.. just chanted "a mara I mara" the name "Rama" protected, Dhruva was protected by name Vasudeva", therefore  Purandara Dasji states that Lord Vittalas eminent name alone is matchlessly powerful in this world!" It is true in case of pure devotees and in case of beginners of bhakti yoga as well.


I being a neophyte, in my personal life, have experienced that Holy name is so merciful, in spite of my 99%  inattentive chanting and mispronounced, hurried chanting, during my late teens and early 20s in my post graduate days, I had the strength to be strong and holy name did not let me fall at all... during the time of maya's attacks! Even inattentive chanting did its work!!


Later on in my late 20s I was taught HOLY NAME WAS THE ONLY REMEDY AND NOTHING ELSE. Since then I started focussing on attentive Chanting, but I had a desire to preach more openly rather than doing it secretly in a foreign country. So I even had increased my rounds and was sincerely chanting and I saw the result!!! In three months, I got a chance to settle in India where I could openly PREACH! But After coming to India, one day...after hearing a session on holy name by HG Mahatma Prabhu, I was seriously begging the holy name , " O Holy name you have the power and you alone have the power, please multiply me and put me in various parts of this world so that I can preach" "You are capable of anything therefore I beg you, please, use me in your service,.. although it sounds impractical", because,.. for holy name nothing is impossible.


To my surprise when I was speaking to HG Mahatama Prabhu, although I didn't tell him that I was begging holy name for impractical things, but was just informing him, how inspiring his class was, on holy name, he suggested that I should try preaching on Radio and TV! This was most wonderful thing because through radio and TV, I could multiply and enter into every home, through their radios and TV sets and preach whatever Srila Prabhupad wants us  to convey, to all kinds of people of all religions, who are always glued to their TV sets.


My intense chanting started, because I knew Holy name  had shown me a way through HG Mahatma Prabhu. Holy name WORKED!! Soon I got a chance to preach 180 episodes on one of the TV Channels in Karnataka! Holy name ALONE WORKS! But it is of course by the blessings of Guru, my mentor and the holy name. We also need to put the effort to be as tolerant as possible and well behaved at other times of the day as well. Because our rest of the 22 hours of activities of the day creates an impression on next day's 16 rounds of chanting and vice versa. I now beg all of you vaishnavas, to... please bless me to get  fully transformed by becoming Krishna Conscious 100% and let all those who will be hearing from me also be fully transformed.


Thank you for your time...

Hare Krishna



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