"Goal My Life" - A Direct Instruction from Guru Maharaj

All Glories to Guru & Gauranga
All Glories to Srila Prabhupad

This discussion I had with GuruMaharaj is the turning point of my life and I'm always learning from it every time I recollect it. May this also help other devotees who face the same situation in either their own lives or their peers!!!
This incident took place some years ago (1996 - 1997), at Bahrain (Balaramdesh), Middle East, Gulf.
It needs a little bit of prelude for one to understand the situation I was going through.

I was in my 8th grade and by the mercy of "Guru and Gauranga" was able to somehow concentrate and absorb more in the nectar of Krishna consciousness. I was brought up in a Krishna conscious environment from my childhood. By then I started liking kirtans a lot, other than playing with all the other devotee friends that gather at the temple! The lectures given at the local center used to stay in my memory for days and I used to relish them a lot. Somehow I was gaining more and more taste in doing devotional service and I came to a point were I started thinking of leaving school and joining the Gurukul at Sri Mayapur Dham!!!
This thought also has something to do with one of my senior mates, who I was with from the time I was in Krishna consciousness, joining the Gurukul at a very young age. My parents decided to send me to school while his parents send him to Gurukul. It was just devastating for me and I still regret it!
In the Bhagavad-Gita and Bhagvatam classes we always get to hear about the criticisms of the material world and the present education. It was fresh in my mind. I was really convinced and determined that this material knowledge is not going to lead me anywhere in life, as compared to the transcendental happiness of Krishna consciousness. I did not disclose my thoughts to my parents as they would dismiss it by saying that I'm not old enough to take decisions.

...GuruMaharaj's visit...
Normally GuruMaharaj comes for a 2 or 3 day visit to Balaramdesh. In this short span of time GuruMaharaj is always busy with either initiation ceremonies and interviews or hearing the problems of disciples and giving them confidence. He hardly sleeps sometime and although each time he leaves without proper rest(to the satisfaction of our hearts!), the temple committee decides that the next time GuruMaharaj comes he is only going to rest and not much other work, which GuruMaharaj always makes in vain!!! It is always a celebration and a festive mood when GuruMaharaj arrives as it is our only real source of water in the mirage of the middle east.
This time though I wanted to express my thoughts directly to GuruMaharaj. No one understands better than him. But I could not approach GuruMaharaj directly as there were lot of devotees around. So I put the matter to the Temple President pr (they are always the closest to GuruMaharaj!). After hearing me and seeing that I was really wanting to join Gurukul, he told me that may be we should ask GuruMaharaj directly. I was pretty sure that GuruMaharaj would encourage me to join the Gurukul, thereby saving a soul from the clutches of Maya!

...GuruMaharaj's direct instruction...
It was the second day of GuruMaharaj's visit, if I recall correctly, and GuruMaharaj was briefed about my situation by the Temple President. I was confident and patiently waiting outside His Holiness's room. One of the devotees summoned me in. I paid my dandavats and I do not know what happened that I began to cry from the core of my heart. Even before GuruMaharaj could speak anything about it I was fully in tears. Just like how a child cries to his mother. I really felt helpless and had no other thought than to listen to GuruMaharaj's instruction.
GuruMaharaj asked me this one question, "Why are you studying?".
To my surprise(even now), as a parrot I replied,"To help my parents!!!"
Then GuruMaharaj instructed, "You do your studies and help your parents and also practice Krishna Consciousness very nicely. That is enough."
At that time I felt so convinced and so satisfied and all I could do is nod my head and agree to GuruMaharaj's instruction and leave the room! After leaving the room, I did not have the slightest of doubts about my further studies and I have still no idea how all my determination to join the Gurukul was transformed into strong conviction to work for the Lord!!!

...My realization...
GuruMaharaj is so merciful and so caring to all his disciples that he wants every single person to be happy and at the same time practice Krishna Consciousness. At present, as I'm working for a descent firm and I'm able to give some contribution to the temple, I feel deeply indebted to GuruMaharaj for guiding me and giving me a chance to serve the movement in what ever way possible. Also due to his instruction my parents were really happy and still quote this example to other devotees when ever some one looses their interest in doing their studies, job etc and Krishna consciousness.

...Lessons Learnt...
1. Work done for the pleasure of the Lord and his devotees is real Krishna consciousness.
2. The difference is we think about our Krishna consciousness and GuruMaharaj thinks of everyone else's(saving all the souls) !!!

We are indebted to GuruMaharaj for eternity!!!

humbly trying to serve
Mayadhisa Chaitanya das

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Comment by RAMANI VISHAKA DEVI DASI on November 17, 2011 at 8:49pm


              Gurumaharaj is so transcedental he knows what to tell ,when to tell ..just like Srila Prabhupad .In another instance a devotee mataji studyng 1sy year bachelors in physiotherapy met GM at udupi (this was conveyed to me by my devotee friend from manipal).she was in same situation frustrated with material education and so wanted to quit & practice only k.c.She somehow met GM and expressed her opinion ,Gurumaharaj thought for a while ,& asked her which year she was studying & what she was studying ? and then GURUmaharaj said ,I get terible back aches ,when do they teach you to give physioterapy for backaches ? she replied next year ...

So,Gurumaharaj said then u must continue ur education inorder to treat me !

Gurumaharaj is so intelligent and really knows what to tell to whom & how to tell

after hearing this ,the devotee girl continued her eduction & is now a physiotherapist & still remember Gm life transforming instructions

sharing this for the benefit of all the devotee

Gurumaharaj is our ever well wisher & cares for the well being of each & every disciple ,living entity

    offering my humble obeisences to the dust of his lotus feet ,who are the eternal shelter of fallen souls like this insignificant servant

 & vancha kalpas to all the vaishnavas ,who inspire me in the service of Guru & Gauranga!


                          Ramani vishaka devi dasi

Comment by Ratikeli Radhika devi dasi on November 17, 2011 at 7:37pm

Haribol! Guru Maharaj knows best!


Comment by Sasvata Nimai das on August 5, 2010 at 1:35pm
Comment by Krsna Gopal dasa on June 27, 2010 at 8:58am
A complete instruction to take care of your priorities - Your education, your parents welfare and finally to be engaged in Krsna's services and be Krsna Conscious. Haribol
Comment by Svarup Acyuta Das on June 24, 2010 at 9:47am
Dear Madhyadisha prabhu,
please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to Gurudev!

It was very inspiring to hear your experience with Gurumaharaja. I would like to say that even i had a similar instruction. Gurumaharaj was visiting udupi for rath yatra in 2007 and i was in my 3rd year mbbs.he had a press conference and i was sitting with the reports. after it was over and the reports i stayed back in his room and Gurumahraj asked me if i was one of the reports! I said i am studying at manipal and he asked me if i had any question. I was taken aback I did not have any questions but i thought i have to ask something. So i asked, 'now actually i am seeing Krishna consciousness is important and my studies are also important. i am not able to prioritize properly and that is causing some problem'. He said,' how many rounds are you chanting.' i was chanting 8 at that time. He repled,' continue to chant 8 rounds. you may go up to 16 if you want but maintain 8 and simultaneously tudy and practice Krishna Consciousness, you have to learn how to balance. DO YOUR STUDIES FOR KRISHNA. IF YOU THINK ITS MATERIAL YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO IT. If you become a good doctor people will listen to you when you preach. you have already spent so much money in this its no use giving it up. you might as well finish it.'

I was so blissfull after this experience and the whole mission of my life was clear to me. I repeatedly was meditating on this encounter and few months I decided that he would by my spiritual master and he was merciful to accept my as an apiring disciple.

Thank you so much for making me relive my experiece with Gurumaharj.

your servant,
Swaroop kishan
Comment by vishal gauranga dasa on June 10, 2010 at 6:58pm
Inspiring indeed , top class.. GM Knows what is best for his disciples..Keep up your seva to the lord pr where ever you are.. we will try our level's best to keep mayapur dham always in our heart.
Comment by josip bujas on June 8, 2010 at 8:45pm
Very inspiring story, thank you very much for sharing this experience.
Comment by Supriya on May 31, 2010 at 8:49pm
HB...Very beautiful pastime...Thank you for sharing it'll help help alot..



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