7th March 2011---------------
GM woke up in the morning around 5.15am.I did my morning seva forGuruMaharaj and then took shower by 6.30am.Today is the parikrama Adivasaday. Around 5000 devotees are taking part in parikrama this year.The 7-day pilgrimage to the Navadvipa Mandala and the pastime places of SriCaitanya Mahaprabhu by walk, in the association of Vaisnavas is aspiritually enriching experience. Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur initiated theParikrama, Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarawati Thakur developed it and SrilaPrabhupad made this vision of acharyas into a reality. The devoteesparticipating in the parikrama are constantly increasing every year. Fourparikrama parties, an international group, a Bengali group, Russian Groupand Hindi group of devotees go in Parikrama and on the last day of theparikrama, there will be a Mahamilan of all the four parties at the Yogapithwith ecstatic kirtan .All the four groups walked to Yoga Pitha in a kirtanprocession led by HH Lokanath Swami, Maha Vishnu Swami and others around 6amand GuruMaharaj reached there at 8 am. As soon as Guru Maharaj made his appearance on the stage, HH Lokanath Swami said “Here comes thespirit of the parikrama. If He (Jayapataka Swami) can go on parikrama, thenwe all should go and no excuse should be given. Maharaj, you are an inspiration and your presence alone is enough.” GuruMaharaj took darshan of all deities.
Then around 9.15am we left Yoga Pitha back to Iskcon Mayapur by car following the kirtan party.GuruMaharaj had his breakfast in the car. As soon as we reached ISKCON Mayapur,GuruMaharaj visited the registration booth and got himself tagged on his wrist with parikrama wrist band. Then he commented that we should have the welcome sign in all the languages.Then we went to prasadam hall. He inquired some of the devotees who werehonouring prasadam,”How is the prasadam”? They all said “superb”.HH BhaktiMarg Swami said he likes this prasadam so much while holding a deep friedpakora in his hand. He said," I hardly takes deep fried food but this one is amazing." After visiting the devotees at the Gada prasadam hall he entered the kitchen and inspired the cooks with chanting of Hari Bol!
From the kitchen we wheeled Guru Maharaj down to Caitanya Bhavan to do his regular exercise. After doing 1 hour of exercises, at 12.15noon we left to Samadhi Audiotorium for Bhakti Vrksha seminar. GUru Maharaj spoke for almost 30 mins about the role of grihastas in developing Bhakti Vrksha. Around 1.15 pm we left the Samadhi Auditorium and reached GuruMaharaj's resident for lunch. GuruMaharaj had 45 mins nap followed with Nustep exercise. Around 6.45pm we went to the temple hall for darshan. From there, to the main stage to receive His sankirtan award for being the top book distributor in theworld among Srila Prabhupada’s disciples for the year of 2010.
Then we went to Namahatta Bhavan for parikrama adivas ceremony in the new building which is still under construction. About 2500 devotees eagerly waited to see GM and as soon as he entered into the hall a loud ulu dwanifilled up the hall. It was 9pm and we came to know that the program on main stage was coming to an end. Still GuruMaharaj insisted He wants to go inside to see what is happening in there. Before we left 300 devotees were around in the main stage and upon our return from Nama Hatta there were only 30 devotees. Still he spoke for 10 mins. Then left the stage to go to His quarters and took His dinner there. After having his dinner three senior gurukul boys came to meet GuruMaharaj in his room. They came asking GM to sponsor their parikrama fees. He told them that he will sponsor all the senior boys but with one condition. Gurudeva told that all the children should write a feedback of the parikrama, atleast a page. Boys agreed with big smiles on their face. Ho! Ho! it is 11pm now, time to take rest. Tommorow it is going to be a long day.
Your Humble Servant,Maha Varaha Das

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