Dear all, I beg your blessings for me to be Krishna conscious.

Most of us parents, even devotees, knowing importance of tolerance, still sometimes end up NOT tolerating our kids, many times. Parents sometimes may yell at their kids while they are going to miss their school bus or when their kids don't understand  maths sum for the fifth time that they are teaching just two days before the exam or may yell for their 89 marks out of 100...etc. But at least devotee parents should think that results are in Krishna's hands. If our kids are putting their efforts... then if it is 89 or 69... we yelling at them only indicates that we are not applying our knowledge from the gita ,..karmanyevadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana..

We parents  as a teacher of our kids, should learn to teach in a way that ANYONE can understand. When they don't understand maths for the fifth time, WE have to understand that this  is the hundredth time Krishna is whispering to us to change our style of come down to the kid's level ..however low it may be. WHEN are WE going to learn our lesson? How much lord Krishna is TOLERATING our anger on our kids? Is not understanding maths...  a crime, that we yell at them and sometimes not be ashamed to beat them? 

If we are more focussed on improving our tolerance specially early mornings just 10 minutes before the arrival of school bus then we have tell our kid, LOVINGLY and emphasisingly, "please don't take the opportunity to tolerate all kinds of words from me tomorrow morning, so pack your bag and go to bed early, so you can wake up early", this. We too should do cutting of veggies or whatever required on previous day if it takes too much time the next morning, so that last minutes WE should be in a position to help them, instead of we running and they running around tolerating our harsh words.

So let us tolerate and let us not give them an opportunity to tolerate us.

Last but most important, we should try our best to not give an opportunity to the holyname, the NAMA PRABHU, to tolerate our inattentiveness while chanting.

THANK YOU for your patience to read my today's realisations.

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