A report on Damodara Yatra 2011 in Balaramdesh

A report on Damodara Yatra 2011 in Balaramdesh

The month of Karthik and Damodara Yatra is a very joyous and festive occasion in Balaramdesh for all the devotees and year 2011 was no exception. The Damodara Yatra commenced on 12 October 2011 and concluded on 10 November 2011. This time around, there were 24 team leaders who spread out all over Balaramdesh freely distributing the nectar of the Damodara Leela, the sweet nectarean past times of Lord Sri Krishna in Vrindavan. We had a kick off meeting with all the team leaders 1 week prior to the commencement of the Yatra just to brief all the team leaders about various aspects of the Yatra.


All the team leaders included 1 or 2 families along with them to make the team strength approximately 5-6 devotees. All the team leaders and team members started calling and enrolling prospective houses for the visit 1 week prior to the commencement of the Yatra. In the meanwhile, the Damodara Kit was assembled and all the team leaders were asked to collect the giveaway kits 2 days prior to the commencement of the Yatra.


The giveaway kit comprised of the following items :

  • 2 x VCD’s – (1) Science of Self Realization and (2) Hare Krishna Kirtan
  • 2 x Books – (1) On the way to Krishna Conciousness (2) Civilization & Transcendence
  • Damodara leaflet detailing the glories of the month of Karthik, Damodara Ashtaka Shloka and English translation, worship of Tulasi Maharani and other transcendental literature
  • Iskcon Bahrain Brochure
  • A photo frame of Sri Sri Krishna Balaram
  • Dry Krishna Prasadam


The duration of the Damodara programme was around 75 to 90 minutes and in some cases would even extend to 105 to 120 minutes depending on the interest of the host and his guests. The program comprised of the following :

  • Settting up of a mini altar
  • A small Arati
  • Jaya Radha Madhava Bhajan
  • Narration of Damodar Leela and glories of Karthik
  • A brief explanation of a shloka from Bhagavad Gita
  • Ghee lamp arati to Lord Damodara Bhagavan with recitation of Damodara Ashtaka
  • Narasimha Prayers


The response that we have been receiving for this Damodara Yatra programme year after year has been quite overwhelming and proves to us that the potential for preaching Krishna Conciousness is infinite as that of the process itself and if anything is lacking, it is our effort and not the process. Many house holders we visited had invited their friends and relatives and hence many people got the opportunity to recite Damodara Ashtaka and perform Arati to Lord Damodara Bhagavan.                                     


Many house holders would even call us voluntarily to book the program and also arrange for a feast and it was indeed very exhilarating experience all throughout the month of Karthik.                                                                                                                                          

The following are the details of the Damodara Yatra 2011.

  • Number of teams : 24
  • Total number of devotees participated : Around 80
  • Number of houses visited : 780
  • Number of people who performed Arati : Around 5000
  • Total amount of donation collected for temple : BD 9347.190 (US $ 24,728.00)


The names and Email addresses of the new households whom we visited have been included in the mailing list and all the activities of the temple will be notified to these people encouraging them to visit Iskcon Bahrain temple.


Team leaders who conducted the Damodara yatra are as follows :


1                   Udara Kirti Chaitanya Das

2                   Sumadura Chaitanya Das

3                   Raganuga Bhaktiman Dasa / Jagadeeswara Chaitanya Dasa

4                   Nitya Keshava Das / Ranjana Hari Das

5                   Varada Gopal Das

6                   Krishna Bhadran Das

7                   Chitta Hari Chandra Das

8                   Sahishnu Krishna Das

9                   Vraja Narayana Das

10                 Satchidananda Govinda Das

11                 Aniruddha Seva Das

12                 Sridhari Madhav Das

13                 Gopijana Krishna Das

14                 Arjuna Keshava Das

15                 Sundara Kania Das

16                 Rasika Govinda Das

17                 Pavan Nimai Das

18                 Nandasuta Govinda Das

19                 Balawant Das

20                 Jagadeeswara Madhava Das

21                 Deenanath Giridhari Das

22                 Subuddhi Nitai Das

23                 Rukmini Preeti Devi Dasi

24                 Apoorva Gopika Devi Dasi


We are all grateful to our beloved Guru Maharaj H.H. Jayapataka Swami for introducing this wonderful program all over the Middle East and many other parts of the world. We have already distributed Bhagavad Gita As it is 2 years back along with the Damodara Gift pack and we are planning to distribute “Krishna” book for year 2012, Guru Maharaj and Krishna willing.


Many devotees have worked tirelessly for the success of this Yatra in preparing the Damodara Gift packs, logistics, booking etc. It would not be possible to name all of them here, however, there is no doubt that Guru Maharaj’s blessings will be bestowed on all of them for advancement in Krishna Conciousness.


Last but not the least, we are once again offering our humble obeisances and thanks to our beloved Guru Maharaj’s feet for empowering us to provide an opportunity for so many people to perform Arati for Lord Damodara Bhagavan.


Aspiring to be a dust at the lotus feet of our beloved Guru Maharaj

Raganuga Bhaktiman Dasa

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